Saturday, December 06, 2008

Has Coleman won? 

If I followed this analysis correctly, it looks as though Norm Coleman was in fact elected Senator from Minnesota, defeating Al Franken. Coleman's margin of victory is greater than the now-famous 133 "missing ballots," which means that even if they were all for Franken he still loses. Unless, of course, some judge decides to muck it all up.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Dec 06, 06:20:00 PM:

There are some 5500 challenges to be decided plus this matter of the 133.

But I'm betting that Coleman's challenges were less frivolous than Franken's -- which would mean Coleman's lead will increase.

But the fat lady has sung yet.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Dec 06, 07:18:00 PM:

Unless Harry Reid and company decide that Franken won. Congress makes the decision who won.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Dec 06, 08:00:00 PM:

yes, you are correct. But the Florida legislature was also supposed to be the judge who won Florida, and there is Supreme Court caselaw saying the duty is nondelegable - but our brilliant Supreme Court, despite being urged to, and with the caselaw squarely discussed, did not follow the constitution.

which is not to say that the florida courts did either.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Dec 06, 09:35:00 PM:

The USSupreme Court ruled that Florida's Supreme Court's method of recounting was a violation of equal protection amendment. You can't just count the 4 counties the Dems wanted, all of Florida must be recounted. The Florida Supreme court violated the US Constitution, specifically the 14th amendment. So yes, our Supreme Court is brilliant.

Now Al is selling carbon offsets to his Kool-Aid drinkers.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Dec 07, 06:02:00 AM:

99% of all challenges will be overruled, so each side will get about 3000 more votes. This process starts on the 16th. Franken claims that if all challenges are overruled, he will win by 4 votes. Coleman won't release his approximation. There is also a good chance that the improperly rejected absentee ballots will be counted before this is done. Only then will the Supreme Court make its choice. I have already sent my bribe in for Franken.  

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