Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does Jimmy Carter know a warning when he sees one? 

I suppose it should not surprise us that our most arrogant ex-President is now accusing our Secretary of State of lying:

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on Wednesday accused Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of not telling the truth about warnings she said her department gave Carter not to speak to Hamas before a Middle East trip.

Carter has left open the possibility that Rice's misstatement was "perhaps" inadvertent, but also left no doubt that he believes she is lying.

Or maybe President Carter just does not know a warning when he sees one. We know that he completely missed the Iranian revolution even after it had begun, absolutely misunderstood the nature of the Ayatollah Khomeini notwithstanding the mullah's plain-spoken words, and was "shocked and surprised" when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. All three were telegraphed with roughly the same specificity as a no doubt diplomatic call from a State Department official; if Carter did not see those warnings, why should he have understood this one?


By Blogger antithaca, at Wed Apr 23, 03:31:00 PM:

and while carter fiddles in damascus with hamas, assad and the NorKs work on their next Nuc plant.

hooray for jimmy carter and dissent!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Apr 23, 03:44:00 PM:

Carter has a habit of "wishful remembering" of conversations. Hamas contradicted Carter this week, as well. Yet we have not heard Carter accuse Hamas of lying.

We could dismiss Carter as a gullible moron if his condemnations were not selectively anti-American.  

By Blogger Ray, at Wed Apr 23, 04:38:00 PM:

Carter has a strong habit of remembering what he wants to remember. This much was clear, reading through his memoirs.

It's actually not an uncommon trait among powerful political leaders.  

By Blogger randian, at Wed Apr 23, 04:47:00 PM:

Rice has forbidden the use of "jihad" and "jihadist" by the State Department. She treats Hamas and Fatah as if they really were "partners for peace" and not the unrepentant murderers they are. She continues to fork over millions of dollars in "foreign aid" that's being used by the Palestinians and the Egyptians to fund jihad warfare. It would not surprise me if she didn't give that warning.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Apr 23, 04:56:00 PM:

"There are none so blind as those whom will not see", if I remember the adage correctly. Carter's age and experiences appear to have no positive effect on his vision  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Apr 23, 05:27:00 PM:

Carter isn't smart enough to serve as village idiot most places. He inflicts on us the dual indignity of witnessing one both stupid and totally incapable of embarrassment.  

By Blogger joated, at Wed Apr 23, 09:29:00 PM:

Has there ever been an ex-president who has acted in such an assinine manner?

His activities overseas in direct conflict with US policy and actions are worthy of far more than condemnation. The man needs to be brought up on charges.  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Wed Apr 23, 10:47:00 PM:

I don't think having chief executives and former chief executives bludgeoning each other with the instruments of law is something that we want to begin as a tradition here... There are better ways to handle crazy uncles like Carter.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 24, 03:47:00 PM:

A funny incident occurred in Syria, as Carter was accosted by a Fox affiliated newsman asking questions. He wanted to stop and talk, but Rosalind kept trying to drag him away. Faintly, one could hear the words "No, Jimmy, no".

Those will be words she uses more and more frequently, I suspect.  

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