Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The declining importance of the "black gold" 

People aren't consuming the black gold the way they used to, and it makes me sort of wistful.

And, no, I'm not talking about "Texas tea."


By Blogger Habu, at Wed Mar 14, 10:19:00 PM:

It may just be part of the quote but for me it was the "money quote" in the story.

"People are cash-rich, but time-poor"  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 15, 07:28:00 PM:

Aye...real men drink real beer..Guinness.....none of that girley pale yellow rot ! In all seriousness though, one has to take the time to enjoy a good pint of stout or bitter. If you rush through it you might as well drink that other rubbish. Time is well spent on pint of Guinness, a good cigar, and an attractive lady.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 15, 09:42:00 PM:

I don't know ... had my first Guiness about 25 years ago. Dang! it was the nastiest most bitter tasting stuff. I'd tasted better bile after a couple day bender that that. Tried those "bitters" in the UK, they gave me a shot glass of some poison. I realize it's an acquired taste, but not for this guy.

I'm drinking Samuel Smith's for St. Patty's day, or Bass Ale.  

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