Friday, December 29, 2006

Joe Lieberman lives up to the Left's expectations 

This, I think, explains why the Left fought so hard to defeat Joe Lieberman.


By Blogger K. Pablo, at Fri Dec 29, 05:58:00 PM:

Ouch. Ouch.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Dec 29, 06:03:00 PM:

How about that, a democrat with the courage to stand by his convictions. No swarmy platitudes, no kow towing to the hate America first crowds. A liberal with a spine, must be an endangered species.  

By Blogger Greg, at Fri Dec 29, 07:51:00 PM:

He's a very endangered species. Unfortunately.  

By Blogger GreenmanTim, at Fri Dec 29, 08:27:00 PM:

But not, dear readers, a liberal.  

By Blogger Purple Avenger, at Fri Dec 29, 09:31:00 PM:

But not, dear readers, a liberal.

Lieberman never went in for the lobotomy and spine removal™ procedure the others did, so strictly speaking he doesn't qualify.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Dec 31, 03:36:00 PM:

Is LIEberman acualy telling the truth for once? was,nt he the one who said that GOD WOULD GET THEM IF THEY DID.NT VOTE FOR HIM AND GORE?  

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