Thursday, July 07, 2005

London attacked, live-blogging Tony Blair's statement 

London has been attacked. It has all the hallmarks of the jihad, include explosions in the Tube and on a London bus.

Live-blogging Blair's speech, 8 a.m.

There have been a series of terrorist attacks against London.

It is my intention to leave the G-8, and go down to London and get a report from the police and the emergency services personnel, and return later in the evening.

It is our will to continue the G-8 meeting.

It is particularly barbaric that this has happened on a day when people are meeting to try to help the problems of poverty in Africa and the long-term problem of the environment. The attack was designed to coincide with the opening of the G-8.

There will be time to talk later about this.

[Blair is visibly rocked. Lucky for him, he learned the news off-camera instead of in front of a school class.]

It is important that those who engage in terrorism realize that our determination to defend our values and our way of life is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction and impose extremism on the world. They will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear.
Then he walked out, no questions.

UPDATE: From the press accounts:
A witness at the Russell Square blast said the entire top deck of that bus was destroyed.

"I was on the bus in front and heard an incredible bang, I turned round and half the double decker bus was in the air," Belinda Seabrook told Press Association, the British news agency.

She said the bus was packed with people.

"It was a massive explosion and there were papers and half a bus flying through the air," she said.


UPDATE: Our updating London Attacked post is here. Check in all day.


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