Monday, September 20, 2004

Kerry and the election in Australia 

We wrote about Diane Kerry's efforts to undermine support from our allies on Friday night, and the story took off over the weekend with links from Jane Galt's co-blogger, Arthur Chrenkoff and Captain's Quarters. Along comes John Marzan with an extended speculation that there may be a deal in the works between the Kerry campaign and John Howard's challenger Mark Latham.
[I] suspect the Democratic strategists and the DNC are now closely coordinating with the Latham campaign to help defeat the Australian PM.

And a Kerry-Latham deal could be in the works. In exchange for Democrats helping Latham win, Latham would return the favor by "doing a Zapatero." Meaning, denounce the war in Iraq is "illegal" and quickly announce an immediate Aussie troop withdrawal from Iraq around October, a crucial period where intense fighting is expected inside Iraq.

This move could portray the U.S. and Bush as being "further isolated" and "more unilateral" and hurt Bush in November.

Other than Diane Kerry's comments, and the fact that the Kerry campaign does not seem to have corrected them in the last 72 hours, there is no evidence that I know of to support Marzan's speculation. But this campaign is so harsh and bare-knuckle (on both sides) that it is plausible. Here's hoping the Aussie bloggers stay all over this like ugly on an ape.


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