Saturday, February 07, 2004

Princeton Tigers beat Harvard in double overtime, 58-50 

Yale smashed Cornell, heretofore the only other unbeaten team in the Ivy League, 67-49, leaving Princeton all alone as the only unbeaten team in the conference. Not surprisingly, TigerHawk foretold Cornell's defeat a week ago.

Princeton hosts Penn on Tuesday night, and if the Tigers win Penn will have three league losses and therefore in a very tough spot. Unfortunately, I will not be in my usual seat because I have to be in the Bahamas. Oh well.

The Hawkeyes won in 2OT as well, beating the Hoosiers in Assembly Hall. I think that is Steve Alford's first victory there as coach of the Hawkeyes. Of course, being in the middle of the Big Ten this year is not even as exciting as being the best hockey player in Ecuador -- I cannot recall when the conference has had such uniformly horrendous men's basketball.


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