Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA/Protect IP Blackout Scheduled For Tomorrow 

This blog will be up, but a number of big websites including Reddit, Wikipedia, and Mozilla are all scheduling blackouts in protest of SOPA/Protect IP.

If you haven't done so, call or mail your Congressman and urge them to oppose this downright evil bill. This will drastically change the Internet as we know it and it cedes power to the entertainment industry and the government to destroy websites with infringing content. This bill overrides the DMCA's rule on "Safe-Harbor", where websites are not held liable for their user's actions. Worst-case scenario, we lose YouTube, one of the most important websites on the Internet. It won't even stop piracy, as they will still be able to type in the IP address of a blocked website to gain access to it, but it WILL stop ordinary people that don't know that much about computers from accessing a huge wealth of creativity tools.

This time in our lives is so glorious because anyone with a computer can be connected to literally anybody else with one. The Internet is the most important place to have First Amendment rights. Otherwise it's a throwback to the time when merchant guilds (lobbies and industries) have held more power than the Government.


By Anonymous Anand, at Wed Jan 18, 12:51:00 PM:

Technology should be the master of situation under legislation any thing on the web should pass through filters of piracy & content should be blocked before it is allowed to be clicked. Let us not defame foreign clients when those elements are with in the grips of promoters. There is likely hood of local sites spring out to serve the piracy.  

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