Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don't cut yourself! 

Via Maggie's Farm, a useful video showing on the proper use of a kitchen knife. You know, for the aspiring cooks out there.

More of the same through the link.


By Anonymous Old Fan, at Wed Dec 28, 12:46:00 PM:

After watching Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, I began to wonder if Our Country was someday going to have to limit - restrict the use of knives.

Clearly, someone should definitely monitor Nancy Pelosi if she were ever to try to cut some vegetables in this manner as seen in the video. We wouldn't want her to cut off her own arm or leg.

Seeing such enormous ineptitude, ignorance, incompetence, etc., in the form of Nancy Pelosi, even made one wonder if she was capable of pushing an elevator button.  

By Anonymous sirius, at Wed Dec 28, 05:48:00 PM:

Old Fan, my contention, arrived at and reinforced over many years of observation, is that the most unskilled and incompetent people tend to be full repositories of empty flourish and fanfare.

The true craftsman makes not a single extraneous motion, while the hopeless and inept wannabe knows little else.  

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