Monday, December 26, 2011

A picture from Syria 

Given events in Egypt, I'm not sure which revolutions to support and which to fear, so I am not sure what I think about President Obama's policies with respect thereto. That said, this picture from Syria has gotta hurt.


By Blogger Gary Rosen, at Mon Dec 26, 04:47:00 PM:

Bwahaha! But don't tell them about Ron Paul ...  

By Blogger darovas, at Mon Dec 26, 04:50:00 PM:

They miss Bush's audacity because they didn't have to pay for it.  

By Anonymous Old Fan, at Mon Dec 26, 05:24:00 PM:

"darovas" ?

Reagan and GW Bush were right, freedom and liberty are essential to the human existence, and must be aggressively advocated, encouraged, defended, provided.

We have to lead, or it always ends up on Our shores.

Obama and the Democratic Party's disastrous folly, believing the USA is the problem and must never "meddle" has been proven wrong yet again.

The Democrats have once again visibly vindicated the Republican leadership. Their 'smart power' hubris is a naive joke, a comedy of ugly error.  

By Blogger darovas, at Tue Dec 27, 03:10:00 PM:

Sure, let's invade Syria now. We can pay for it with another trillion dollars we borrow from the Chinese.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Dec 27, 04:08:00 PM:

Don't trust any of Obama's foreign policies. He has not a clue and continues to put our country down. The Muslim Brotherhood is organized, determined to rule, pro Sharia law and ruthless. I'm surprised you are not better informed. Pull up Jihad Watch and get the facts straight. You'll never get it in the NYTimes. Merry Christmas.  

By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Wed Dec 28, 10:55:00 AM:

They miss Bush's audacity because they didn't have to pay for it.

Given that Obama's deficit spending dwarfs that of Dubya, this statement is a howler.  

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