Monday, October 10, 2011


According to at least one account, "Occupy Wall Street" has become something of a lesson in collectivism. Although not the sort intended by the protesters.

“They want to take showers, want to wash up and use the toilet paper to dry up. It becomes … you gotta have one person assigned just to clean the bathrooms,” said Steve Zamfotis, manager of “Charley’s” restaurant.

Zamfotis, who runs a pizza shop directly across the street from Zuccotti Park, said he has to stand guard at the door — just to keep protesters out.

“They expect everything, everything for free, nothing to pay,” Zamfotis said.

Meanwhile, the protesters are starting to notice folks taking advantage of the demonstration by grabbing some of the free food and clothes that have been made available in Zuccotti Park.

“The tourists take all the food, and the hipsters take all the clothes,” said one demonstrator.

Sheesh. Haven't any of these people heard of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need"?


By Anonymous Ignoramus, at Mon Oct 10, 09:53:00 PM:

The weather in NYC has been glorious. The ten day forecast is for more Indian summer. So the protesters will be around for awhile.

Hard to see what these protests mean -- if anything -- and how much bang George Soros will get for his buck.

There's a lot of anger out there, and there'll be more. Does it break right or left?  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Tue Oct 11, 05:26:00 PM:

There's a fair amount of precedent that, where it succeeds, it breaks left, then invites a backlash from the right that rules the day. See: French Revolution (where the Reign of Terror completely discredited the revolutionaries and laid the groundwork for a counter-revolution with the ultimate effect of re-establishing monarchism), Weimar Republic (rampant leftist street violence and terrorism set the stage for the Nazis, who promised order and to crush the communists), Chile (where Pinochet's military government was motivated to seize power after Allende's Marxist policies drove the economy into the ground), Mexican Revolution (Institutionalized Revolutionary Party... haha!), Iranian Revolution (sparked largely by intelligentsia and other assorted liberals, but seized by religious reactionaries who didn't balk at using violence), et cetera.

However, this absurd and childish rabble we have in the streets now is too unorganized, ineffectual, and weak to bring about any of the kinds of change they seem to think they're working toward. I think these 'protests' are basically a "Who's Who in Vagrancy of 2020."  

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