Sunday, September 11, 2011

A short note on the anniversary 

I have been away from television for several days, first visiting my daughter in Salt Lake City, then driving up I-15, then seeing my sister (who does not have television). Now I sit in a bar in Salt Lake City's airport, watching a moment of NFL. So I am quite underexposed to 9/11 anniversary coverage, and plan on staying that way. However, I did rather like the cover of The New Yorker, and wanted to pass it along.

The cover

Remember the fallen, and pray that our leaders have the wisdom to pursue and achieve victory.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Sep 11, 04:56:00 PM:

Thanks for sharing that.  

By Anonymous sirius, at Sun Sep 11, 05:39:00 PM:

I pray their leaders have the wisdom to pursue and achieve peace.  

By Blogger pam, at Sun Sep 11, 07:39:00 PM:


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Sep 12, 06:30:00 AM:

Robert L. Cruikshank '58
Charles A. McCrann '68
William E. Caswell *75
Martin P. Wohlforth '76
Robert J. Deraney '80
Joshua A. Rosenthal *81
Karen J. Klitzman '84
Jeffrey D. Wiener '90
John T. Schroeder '92
Christopher N. Ingrassia '95
Robert G. McIlvaine '97
Christopher D. Mello '98
Catherine F. MacRae '00

This is the list of Princetonians who were killed on 9/11.

JLW III '67  

By Blogger pam, at Mon Sep 12, 08:11:00 AM:

Anonymous 6:30, I saw on Facebook that Wohlforth's daughter spoke at the ceremony at Princeton yesterday. . . .


By Blogger pam, at Mon Sep 12, 08:32:00 AM:

Here's a link to a report on that ceremony.


By Blogger Chris, at Mon Sep 12, 03:10:00 PM:

I don't have a TV anymore either, and while I was underexposed to wall to wall coverage of the day, I am ok with that. I spent part of 9/11 attending memorial services, formal and informal, and then I went to a park and just enjoyed a really beautiful day. At night I read some of articles on the City Journal site and other places on the net. It sucks having to go out to watch all the games, but life seems more sane without the TV.


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