Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Turn it Off - The Book of Mormon 


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Aug 24, 02:34:00 PM:

To everyone: this is a great show. Go!

And, I can't wait for their next effort "The Koran". Parker, Stone and Lopez will find that, like Mormons, the religious adherents of Islam have a sense of humor about their religion.  

By Blogger Stephen, at Wed Aug 24, 07:54:00 PM:

Wow Aegon01 what courage for posting a video that mocks Mormons. That goes for you too TH for allowing him to post it. Collectivist thought is so creepy whether it comes from religion or from government. Freedom of religion does not mean 'live and let live.' Who are these guys to tell anyone how to think? It is perfectly natural to feel threatened because 'attitudes are contagious.'  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Wed Aug 24, 09:51:00 PM:

Uh, Aegon01 has a mind of his own -- sort of took a leap on that when I gave him posting privileges. And, well, he's my son, for those of you who have not followed along.

Me, I've liked every Mormon I've ever known.  

By Anonymous Ignoramus, at Thu Aug 25, 12:11:00 AM:

Great pick. The guys behind South Park meet the guy behind Avenue Q: Chocolate meets Peanut Butter. Can't wait to see Book Of Mormon.

I've only known a few Mormons, but they've all been Good People, surprisingly cool. Almost makes me want to drink their Kool Aid. Almost.

While we're on music, Nick Ashford, recently RIP. One of the all time greats who made American music, who too few of us even know of. Shout out to his wife-partner since the dawn of time, Bronx-girl Valerie Simpson. They were singer-songwriters who worked with, or were covered by, EVERYONE since the early 1960s. Take your pick of a too-small sampler of divers covers of just three of their songs in the All-Time Pantheon:

Let's Go Get Stoned Ray Charles
Later on, covered by EVERYONE. Scratchy version of Ray, but still so good it gives a contact high.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
I've got hundreds of songs that go in and out of my Top 10, but this never drops out of rotation.
Ashford-Simpson wrote all the great Marvin/Tammi duets.

I Don't Need No Doctor Humble Pie
Like sticking your finger in an electric socket. Once upon a time, we had great music cross-over across genres and races. "Sampling" ain't the same. The nerd in the corner on second guitar is Peter Frampton.

Now here are Ashford and Simpson as singers with Michael McDonald:
Ain't No Mountain High Enough / Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing

Rock on.  

By Blogger Aegon01, at Thu Aug 25, 11:25:00 AM:

Stephen, everyone everywhere tells each other what they should think, including you in your comment. I don't know lots of Mormons, admittedly. But one of the best things about this country is that everyone gets the chance to be mocked equally.  

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