Saturday, August 20, 2011

It is fine to read the New York Times, just don't believe it 

The Grey Bitch's Lady's front-page hatchet job on Darrell Issa was so riddled with factual errors that it is hard to classify as anything other than a partisan attack. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but a touch ironic coming from a paper that thinks that the cause of "campaign finance reform" justifies the regulation of speech.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Aug 20, 01:44:00 PM:

Just wait! A year from now we'll look back at the Issa article and consider it a great example of objectivity compared to what the Times will be printing then.
The Times is so invested in the criminality of Obama and his administration that they'll have no choice but to go "all in."  

By Anonymous Ignoramus, at Sat Aug 20, 02:40:00 PM:

Issa is a special target because of his ongoing investigation of Operation Fast and Furious. OF&F could turn into a Screaming Holy Shit! WTF! Headline, or fizzle.

In OF&F the ATF created a false flag operation to allow assault weapons bought in US gun shops to be sent across the border to Mexican drug gangs, with lots of people killed as a result including a US border agent. The basic facts are already known and not in dispute, it's just unclear who authorized OF&F and why.

Issa's investigation already suggests that OF&F had approval at the highest levels of the Department of Justice. It all points to AG Holder, and possibly even to Obama. Right now, Issa has targets one level below Holder in his sights.

As to "why", all signs point to a plan to use the dead bodies as an excuse to call for tougher firearm laws. It's the only plausible explanation, amazingly.

OF&F has parallels to the Iran-Contra Affair back in the 1980s, but it's far worse in several respects. Given the involvement of the DoJ, it screams out for a Special Prosecutor but it doesn't look like that'll happen, at least not yet.

Issa is filling the role of Special Prosecutor for the moment. He's been slow, but methodical. Much depends on whether he can get key targets to flip. Much of MSM is ignoring the story, but not all. Jon Stewart and The Daily Show have actually done the best single report. Will the likes of 60 Minutes ever pick it up?

The New York Times sourced its anti-Issa stories out of the same sources that give out the White House's talking points of the day to the likes of Ezra Klein. I'm looking at you David Axelrod!

OF&F will likely fizzle unless Issa can get a target to flip on Holder, which won't be easy given the lack of public outcry. I don't know enough to put odds on this. But if so, Holder would have real problems ... far worse than what Ollie North had to deal with.  

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