Monday, August 08, 2011

The ten best cities to live in the United States 

Somebody's list of the ten best American cities to live in. Austin partisans will not be surprised, although in the heart of the current heatwave -- 101 is a cool day right now -- even a few loyalists might beg to differ.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Aug 08, 02:29:00 PM:

#10 Oklahoma City

Sorry, that blows the credibility of this list entirely. I can think of dozens of mid-sized cities that easily top OKC.  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Mon Aug 08, 03:07:00 PM:

Concur. I've had limited interactions with that place, but none have been pleasant.  

By Blogger Georgfelis, at Mon Aug 08, 05:40:00 PM:

It really depends on your definition of the word "best". I live in a small Kansas town where my children can all walk to school without fear of getting hit upside the head and robbed, where our taxes are way lower than about any "real" city, but we still have very good schools and public services because the town is not up to its ears in debt. We have a grocery store, bank, hardware store, Mcdonalds, pool, park and our church within a casual stroll, and the best fireworks display on the 4th I have ever seen.

Admittedly the unemployment rate has spiked all the way to 4.6% lately, and we actually had two forclosures in town last year....  

By Anonymous feeblemind, at Mon Aug 08, 06:09:00 PM:


Well. They otta know what to do with them hogs out there fer sure.

Keep the bugs off yer glass and the bears off yer uh, tail.

We catch you on the flip flop.

We gone, bye-bye.  

By Blogger Stack Trace, at Tue Aug 09, 12:07:00 PM:

Louisville, KY needs to be on this list. I grew up there, love the place, but unfortunately had to move away to have the job I wanted. As livable cities go, it's tops. Ok, sure, I'm biased.  

By Anonymous the mellow jihadi, at Wed Aug 10, 01:40:00 AM:

What? Augusta, but no Sandy Eggo? No way. . .  

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