Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Egads, I scored 6 on this week's O'Quiz, below the current average of 6.48. I've obviously been paying insufficient attention. All y'all with too much time on your hands, post your scores in the comments!


By Anonymous Agricola, at Wed Aug 03, 04:34:00 PM:

10/10...First perfect score ever!  

By Anonymous Brendan DuBois, at Wed Aug 03, 05:10:00 PM:

Same as above... can't believe it. 10/10, first perfect score ever.

Probably means I need to get a life or something...  

By Blogger Georgfelis, at Wed Aug 03, 05:34:00 PM:

In an effort to make TH feel better, I got a 5. Can't believe I missed the Hugocize video, maybe he'll do one in partnership with Jane Fonda?  

By Anonymous feeblemind, at Wed Aug 03, 07:01:00 PM:


Average now 6.54.

I do better when there are no questions on pop culture.  

By Anonymous JT, at Wed Aug 03, 08:33:00 PM:

9 of 10 ... I feel like I rule.  

By Anonymous Spidey, at Wed Aug 03, 11:07:00 PM:

Got a seven, which is about average for moi.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Aug 04, 09:09:00 AM:

8 OF 10


By Blogger PatD, at Thu Aug 04, 12:18:00 PM:

You answered 8 of 10 correctly.
The average score on this O'Quiz is 6.60  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Aug 04, 06:53:00 PM:

I got a perfect score for the very first time. I pays to read blogs.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Aug 05, 03:22:00 PM:

My first time 7 of 10  

By Anonymous iron308, at Sat Aug 06, 10:43:00 AM:

9/10. I'll admit that I guessed on a few. Won't be taking another though, as I see no need to have any dealings with that bloviating buffoon O'Rielly  

By Blogger darovas, at Tue Aug 09, 12:29:00 AM:

9/10. Went one for two with educated guesses on #6 (correct) and #7 (wrong).  

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