Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pendent le déluge 

The power is down all over during the big rain, including in downtown Princeton which almost stays up even when outlying areas go dark. The utility crews are going to put in some serious overtime in the next few days. I suspect they are going to be exhausted when all is said and done. Ex ante, I am grateful for their hard work.

Right now, however, during the deluge, I am in Las Vegas, and therefore able to bring you what those of us in the personal media game call "content." The content for this evening is three pictures from my cell phone, each of which pleases me in some way.

Wynn (the official TigerHawk Vegas hotel), reflected in Encore.

Wynn reflected on Encore

The lobby of the Bellagio. The next thing you know, they are going to try to make a cheese steak, which will be even less realistic than this other great icon of Philadelphia.

Lobby of the Bellagio

Paris in the mist. Sort of.

Paris from the Bellagio

More later.


By Blogger Donald Douglas, at Sat Aug 27, 10:29:00 PM:

Love Vegas!!  

By Anonymous Edward Lunny, at Sun Aug 28, 04:46:00 PM:

Vegas is an interesting and entertaing place, even if you aren't a gambler like the wife and I. Some very "interesting" people. Have you ever tried other hotels ? We found the Aria and Palms Place very accomodating and comfortable. If you've raised these topics before, excuse my having missed those posts.  

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