Saturday, April 09, 2011

A few pictures from the day in Salt Lake City 

I am in Salt Lake City for a couple of days, and got a chance to visit the TH Daughter, who is in fine fettle albeit with newly red hair. We had supper and walked around Temple Square, which I really enjoy. I took a couple of pictures that made the cut.

Us in the flowers, courtesy of a very fresh-faced Mormon boy...

Your Blogger and the TH Daughter

Brigham Young's temple, an awesome sight to behold. At the base, the walls are nine feet thick and built from granite hauled by horses across Utah.

Salt Lake Temple

Assembly Hall (1882), reflected in the windows of the Deseret Book Company across the street.

Reflection of Assembly Hall


By Anonymous Old Fan, at Sat Apr 09, 12:45:00 AM:

GREAT photos TH.

Have a great trip.

We have a lot going in of interest in Washington.

I am looking at some reported details and I am really beginning to believe we have a winner here in Speaker Boehner.

No deal will ever be perfect, and our system of fine Checks and Balances requires a compromise - not having control of the Senate or Executive. But it looks as if the Democrats took it on the chin again. Good for the Country and hopefully more to come in the future.  

By Anonymous sirius, at Sat Apr 09, 11:19:00 AM:

Ah, warm printemps and pink blossoms...
We here in the northeast are by degrees getting there too, but slowly, slowly...

"walls... nine feet thick and built from granite hauled by horses across Utah."

Man, I don't envy those horses.  

By Blogger basquegirl, at Sat Apr 09, 12:00:00 PM:

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By Blogger pam, at Sun Apr 10, 11:48:00 AM:


By Blogger Greg, at Sun Apr 10, 09:26:00 PM:

The granite came from Little Cottonwood Canyon, not 20 miles away from the Temple grounds. Of course, 1000 feet higher than the valley floor.

Don't forget to visit our local breweries: Red Rock and Squatters, and others if you're so inclined. And for pizza, the best is The Pie, across from the University of Utah.  

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