Sunday, April 03, 2011

Locating the recovery in America's oil production 

Here is an interesting blog post that shows where the recovery in America's domestic oil production is coming from. The author notices, among other things, that the White House is now calling for more domestic production. Notwithstanding that its actions, to date, do not seem to reflect that ambition.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Apr 04, 09:23:00 AM:

You could save time and simply prepare a stick tagline that says what your last comment says. It's wording used repetitively anyway, and re-election time is about to kick off so we will soon be hearing all sorts of claims not actually true in reality..  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Apr 04, 09:25:00 AM:

That was intended to be a "stock" tagline. Fat fingers; sorry.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Apr 04, 03:39:00 PM:

remember elections are right around the corner, obama will start trying to pull to the center.

don't fall for it, remember what this man and his ilk have done to our country and the wealth and prosperity of our country.

i have always had the believe that in America you can be as rich as you want or as poor as you want, because we have that choice..however, obama doesn't share my philosophy as he wants to take our money and give it to the ones that don't want the American dream.  

By Anonymous Old Fan, at Tue Apr 05, 06:16:00 PM:

The Obama Administration is now again promoting a facade as the wind blows?

This Administration, with Obama, Napolitano, Clinton, Holder, etc., are utter frauds.

The "lip service" to the Oil game is another insult to anyone paying attention. Will Americans continue to buy into the 'con'?

For example, a big ripple from a morning talk show questions the credibility of Obama fairly well here:
"Maybe [President Obama] should have just disagreed with Dick Cheney and George W. Bush – and not characterized them in a way that assumed the absolute worst — that they somehow did not love the constitution as much as Barack Obama — that they were somehow willing to shred that document and all the rights that we hold so dear … Because if you’re going to make those claims, and then do the same thing that they do, then you need to apologize to the American people."

Matt Lewis covers Morning Joe. I am no fan of either, but in relation to the Oil question, who could believe anything the Obama Team is peddling? Hillary Clinton is actually calling a despotic - terror supporting - dictator in Syria a "reformer". You have to be kidding.

Lewis writes the truth about the past here, but it is far too late in my opinion:

"In retrospect, it is painfully obvious that much of the anti-Bush rhetoric that helped propel Obama to the White House in 2008 was unwarranted, irresponsible, and transparently political. (Yes, it’s water under the bridge, but setting the record straight on history is an important task for opinion leaders.)"

It was never in retrospect for us. We all knew full well the garbage was unseemly, dangerous, misguided, and ugly.

I hope we see more doses of reality, challenging the enormous lies of the unethical in the future, but I highly doubt it will ever happen.  

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