Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Herky weeps 

The Univeristy of Iowa football team is #2 in the country. But not in a good way.

Sports Illustrated has ranked the, er, ranked college football programs by the number of players with police records, and the Hawkeyes finished second in the country behind Dave Wannstedt's Pitt team.

If I know Iowa, this will be a topic of some state-wide embarrassment, but not enough to do anything that will hurt the program.


By Blogger jon spencer, at Wed Mar 09, 10:41:00 PM:

Depends on what they were charged with, MiP's tobacco use would show up, even some minor traffic violations show.
Also are these convictions or charges?

Now if they were High Misdemeanors or felonies then it might be time to start worrying.  

By Blogger jon spencer, at Wed Mar 09, 10:43:00 PM:

Forgot the "and" that was supposed to go between the Mip and tobacco.  

By Blogger Georgfelis, at Thu Mar 10, 01:08:00 AM:

The best football team in the penitentiary....  

By Anonymous JT, at Thu Mar 10, 06:21:00 AM:

Looks like 15 of 18 at Iowa are underage drinking or related, maybe two for herbal tobacco ... one assault.

Clearly these are hardened criminals. Like the Duke lacrosse team 'scandal', I'll bet at least one of them has urinated in public.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 10, 08:36:00 AM:

Just heard that Penn State's 4th on the list. I was sorry to hear that. Paterno always kept his players in line years ago.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 10, 12:31:00 PM:

JT has it right. Those are just ranking based on number of arrests and the Iowa City Police Department is extremely aggressive about underage drinking.

I actually follow the Hawkeyes pretty closely. One of those 18 was an actual serious drug charge (for which the player was booted from the team). The rest are minor in possession, public intox, and similar kinds of stuff.

In other words, the kinds of trouble that you can expect from college age boys/men (take your pick).  

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