Saturday, March 26, 2011

Annals of Arab propaganda 

Remember "Baghdad Bob"? Meet Damascus Dan!

You have to hand it to the Arab dictators. They do not go in for lying half way. They live their lies to the fullest.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 27, 05:06:00 AM:

oh, i dunno. factoring in the cultural differences - japan's subtle whoppers vs. arab blustery horseshit - i think the japanese (non)information flow from fukushima might give the syrians a run for their money.

1) "there is no problem. all is well." 2) "there is a slight problem. but it's under control." 3) "slight problem still active, you might want to step back 3 or 4 paces." 4) "we're hooking up an extension cord, and then all will be well. oh, BTW, apropos of nothing, you might want to move back 6 miles or so." etc etc, until today's "the sea will *dilute* the ultraradioactive runoff pouring into it. no worries!"

it took them some 50+ years to admit to nanking, and the rapes of the korean 'comfort women'; it's taken 60+ years (!) to get around to merely **admitting** the existence of unit 731 - google it - much less talking about it, or God forbid making any apologies for their atrocities.

'face' (and family connections) is everything in asian/arab societies. it's why they'll lie even when it's obvious, and why they'll lose in the end. (americans and europeans, OTOH, lie to cover their asses and make good their getaways. plus of course that old favorite, "national security". it's why we'll lose in the end.) better learn vietnamese. i saw those guys in action on houston, and A)'face' seems much less important to them than 'results' do, and B)it is physically impossible to outwork a viet.  

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