Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making the list 

The Right Wing News list of "40 best" conservative blogs for the fourth quarter of 2010 is up, and against all odds we made the list. We blush, and thank you for your support.


By Blogger pam, at Wed Dec 15, 01:25:00 PM:

It was all me. ;^)


By Blogger Bomber Girl, at Wed Dec 15, 03:06:00 PM:

Way to go, TH.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Wed Dec 15, 03:10:00 PM:

BG, no exclamation point? Like, what gives?  

By Blogger pam, at Wed Dec 15, 03:22:00 PM:

You have to earn those, TH(!)  

By Blogger Bomber Girl, at Wed Dec 15, 03:29:00 PM:

I am an understated type of gal, TH.  

By Anonymous tyree, at Wed Dec 15, 10:51:00 PM:

Congrats Tigerhawk. Does this come with a gold medal or a massive cash award? If not, I hope you get a certificate suitable for framing, at least. :)

I wish that this not be the high point of your week!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Dec 16, 07:26:00 AM:

Well deserved accolades!  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Thu Dec 16, 10:44:00 PM:

Good to know we are being noticed...I think.  

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