Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Afternoon book recommendation 

Sad to say, I popped awake last night around 1:30 and did not easily fall back asleep, probably because I had set my alarm to go off at 5 am so I could make an early spinning class at my gym. Yeah, mock away, but my resting pulse is probably lower than yours. (A low resting pulse is something to be competitive over when you're almost 50.)

Anyway, I passed the time with Michael Crichton's last book, Pirate Latitudes, which came out in paperback about six weeks ago. I don't read more than a few novels a year, but I have always liked Crichton and his last book does not disappoint. Unless you don't like pirate stories (in which case you are a weenie), it is quite the rollicking good read.

But don't tell me how it ends -- I probably won't finish it before Thursday.


By Anonymous Nancy's bro, at Tue Nov 09, 03:48:00 PM:

lol ... my lowest ever resting pulse was 40 trying to give blood ... of course I want to credit my superb fitness, etc. Notwithstanding that I was running a lot back then, I think it's my crap thyroid that drives it.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Nov 09, 04:24:00 PM:

If you're looking for a good novel, do yourself a favor and get Spooner by Pete Dexter.

It's mostly about the relationship between a decent but luckless man and his wayward stepson, through an entire lifetime. It has a lot to say about fathers and sons.

But it also offers adventure and has an interesting take on so many other things, it would be hard to list them all: tabloid journalism; relations between men and women; political correctness; the dark side of Philadelphia; the outlook of poor rural whites; high school athletics--on and on.

The story is so riveting that you won't realize until the end that you've just read something like a cultural history of the United States in the last half century, as seen through the eyes of some bizarre and fascinating characters.

Buy now, thank me later.  

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