Monday, November 08, 2010

Governor Awesome highlight reel: To the GOP, "put up or shut up!" 

If I heard him right, yesterday (and perhaps before) Chris Christie endorsed my favorite solution for federal spending, an across-the-board cut of some percentage in every single program, including entitlements. Leave no department or agency or federal program unscathed. That is "shared sacrifice," as the governor says, and it is necessary to establish the credibility that will allow for more nuanced cutting down the road.


By Anonymous Ignoramus, at Mon Nov 08, 05:02:00 PM:

Can the Republicans bring themselves to make cuts to Old People and Defense? That's the question.

Christie says yes -- Shared Sacrifice, Ryan has a plan, DeMint says no, Palin is playing it cute. Developing.  

By Anonymous daniel noe, at Mon Nov 08, 05:59:00 PM:

They have to. Social security is bankrupt and defense is the largest slice of the budget. It's time to privatize and fight smarter, not harder.  

By Anonymous Mr. Ed, at Mon Nov 08, 06:18:00 PM:

I think across the board cuts are the way to go.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 08, 07:10:00 PM:

Christie is leading so admirably.

This is not 'fashion' and hype.

It is the real deal.

Many built a Celebrity Icon, and yet in the real world we suddenly found the real deal.

Amazing, and from NJ!


By Blogger dr kill, at Mon Nov 08, 07:48:00 PM:

Yes. Breathtakingly simple, totally free from manipulation, and beautifully cover-providing for those congressmen who will demand protection from challengers.

Which is why it don't have a chance. Not yet, anyway.  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Mon Nov 08, 07:54:00 PM:

It makes one wonder if he reads this blog...  

By Blogger My name is Inigo Montoya, at Mon Nov 08, 08:25:00 PM:

He does seem to try to actually follow through with his claims; a big step for a politician of any persuasion.

I agree with everything he stands for, and especially liked his answer to the last question (re. the Tea Party). The GOP needs to push this as the image of the party (i.e. pragmatic follow-through) rather than mindless droning about cutting deficits without a serious plan.  

By Anonymous feeblemind, at Mon Nov 08, 09:01:00 PM:

Cutting Social Security would be a gutsy move. I know seniors that are grumbling because there haven't been annual raises. Seniors moving to the GOP were a major factor in GOP gains this election. Will seniors stay with the GOP if their benefits are actually cut?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 08, 10:41:00 PM:

I just caught this segment on the local FOX 29, which is decidedly Democrat in it's lean. It is a PHILA local station, which highlighted this report via the Obama Justice Department.

Even without any connection to Christie by name, they pushed this report that claims he overspent on some hotel stays as US Attorney. The entire thing was an overt distortion used by Corzine and Democrats long ago, to no affect. But it is clear, the Obama Administration has just released a report which tries to again debase Christie.

The entire thing smells, and wreaks further of political exploitation of the DOJ.

The PHILA 29 Station does even worse, by pushing the story in the worst light, without any real fairness - convicting, even when there was NO LAW BROKEN in the case.

This is tried and true Democratic Partisan gaming, and one must really wonder about how low the Democrats will go.

It is clear, they are worried about Christie.

Here is FOX 29's contact page:
PHILA 29  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Nov 09, 10:54:00 AM:

Well, it would be a start. However, across the board is a very poor way to cut costs because it presumes that every section of an organizations has about the same level of efficiency and fat. That might be true in a private organization but in a governmental organization, it is not true.
Secondly, it avoids cutting the low hanging fruit. Federal funding for NPR and the NEA should be cut by 100%, NOW!
Finally, it tends to legitimatize corrupt or wasteful organizations. Obama's SS should be cut in toto and now!  

By Anonymous old fan, at Tue Nov 09, 05:29:00 PM:

I knew it would resurface somewhere.

This is why I truly think AllahPUNDIT could do so much better at HA:

Christie Targeted by Obama DOJ

That is my title, not ALLAH's, and I would wager he is fine with the Obama Team going after Christie, for he favors the FASHION a great deal - or at least that is the appearance.

The problem is, AllahPundit assumes this is genuine, not even mentioning this is the OBAMA DOJ (or I missed it). Also, this was referenced long ago by the Democrats and Corzine, and it wasn't truly credible. Christie not only had a good explanation, it isn't a violation of the law.

This is the Democrats exploiting the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, while they ignore Rangel, Waters, Pelosi, Clinton, the Black Panthers, etc.

But Allah should know better, and reference it. This report does not even identify Christie directly, and the Obama DOJ keeps all the others secret?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Nov 10, 09:36:00 AM:

defense is the largest slice of the budget

No, entitlements are.  

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