Thursday, October 28, 2010

Merkel 1, Obama 0 

Four months ago,"Merkel at odds with Obama on financial policy":

German Chancellor [and German Tea Party candidate - ed.] Angela Merkel on Saturday contradicted US President Barack Obama, saying that Europe will push for a swift exit from fiscal stimulus programs and focus instead on budget cuts at the G20 meeting.

This morning, "German Unemployment Dips to 18-year Low":
German unemployment fell slightly in October, dropping to its lowest level in 18 years as the impact of persistently strong growth in Europe's top economy continued to filter through to the jobs market.

They told me that if I voted for McCain our president would lecture foreign leaders about matters he knew nothing about, and they were right!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Oct 29, 02:33:00 AM:

I do not believe, I have encountered this bit of news on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, etc.

Not that I watch all the time, but the reality is, those in Europe who have embraced the FREE MARKET more and more, have done far better than the socialist devotees who continue to grow more disaster.

Congratulations Ms. Merkel  

By Blogger Don Cox, at Fri Oct 29, 01:45:00 PM:

I reckon it will take Britain about 30 years to recover from the effects of the Blair-Brown socialist government.  

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