Sunday, September 26, 2010


Walked in the Adirondack woods this morning, four miles over hill and dale, and saw some fungus along the way.




Adirondack shrooms

Not bad res for a phone camera.


By Blogger pam, at Sun Sep 26, 01:49:00 PM:

Fabulous phone fungi photos.  

By Blogger pam, at Sun Sep 26, 02:56:00 PM:

Did you try any, Jack?


By Anonymous dloye, at Sun Sep 26, 04:08:00 PM:

kinda puts the fun back in fungus!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Sep 26, 11:49:00 PM:

How nice. TH, you seem like a fun-gi to hang around with.  

By Anonymous SouthernRoots, at Tue Sep 28, 10:26:00 AM:

TH - you find stashes of mushrooms and then disappear for awhile - what's with that?

Nice pics.  

By Blogger John Cunningham, at Tue Sep 28, 05:31:00 PM:

Some outstanding pics! reminds me of the mushroom who was ordered out of a bar. he said, "Hey, I'm not just a mushroom, I'm a real fun guy."  

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