Friday, September 03, 2010

Feline freakshow: In which even I take PETA's side 

Normally I am not one to side with the animal rights dudes, but if PETA were to object to "The Cat Fashion Show," I'd have to agree. Yuck.


Those hairless cats are gross to begin with, but dressing them up as little humans is intolerably freakish. And to think people are worried about cloning because it is unnatural.


You could give a bath to a cat every day for a month and it would not look this miserable. Why? Because cats care about dignity. As well they should.

Check out the slide show, though. The photographer, Sarah Cates, is my young cousin (a few years older than the THT), and off to a nice start in her career. She also wrote the captions, which are funny but nevertheless treat the occasion with substantially more respect that it deserves.


By Blogger Kurt, at Sat Sep 04, 02:50:00 AM:

Those poor cats look miserable, indeed. I also think that the dog fashion shows (the ones that feature ridiculous dye jobs or costumes or whatnot) are similarly abhorrent. Both of my dogs are aware of how they look, I think. My male dog mostly doesn't seem to care too much, but he's always proud and happy when he gets groomed or brushed. My female dog, on the other hand, cares enough that she often grooms herself. She also hates to get wet or muddy if she can avoid it. She'll tolerate going out in the rain if someone is walking her (because she loves going on walks), but she really resists the idea of going out in the yard when it is wet or muddy outside.  

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