Thursday, August 05, 2010

Oh, no, another Republican bikini scandal 

When are Republicans going to stop wearing bikinis? Don't they care about the future of the country?


By Blogger MTF, at Thu Aug 05, 10:30:00 AM:

My 25 year old godson tells me this is not a scandal and he's so concerned that the young woman might be worried that he's up and started the long drive out to Minot, North Dakota right now to tell the girl herself! That's the sort political enthusiasm Republicans are engendering this year for you.  

By Blogger Bomber Girl, at Thu Aug 05, 12:12:00 PM:

Who knew you needed bikinis in North Dakota.  

By Blogger Escort81, at Thu Aug 05, 12:42:00 PM:

It's the belly button piercing that is the real scandal -- doesn't she know about the chances of infection, and what that could do to health care costs?  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Thu Aug 05, 04:36:00 PM:

It's an interesting peek into the disturbed mind of Progressives to even THINK that they would consider this a scandal in the minds of Republican voters.

I guess if the best one could produce is Jeanane Gorofolo or Helen Thomas, there must be just a wee bit of envy at play, heh?  

By Anonymous daniel noe, at Thu Aug 05, 09:07:00 PM:

Maybe the scandal is that the colors didn't match.  

By Blogger Bomber Girl, at Thu Aug 05, 09:43:00 PM:

As much as I adore him, let's keep Gov. Christie out of a speedo though. At least on the internet.  

By Anonymous Steve Skubinna, at Fri Aug 06, 07:06:00 AM:

The whole idea that this would be a "scandal"reminds me of the activists that were going to disrupt the 2004 Republican Convention by... spontaneous dancing?

Apparently dancing is to Republicans what crucifixes are to vampires. See, as a long time Republican, that's useful information that I had been missing until then.

It seems these people thought "Footloose" was a documentary.  

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