Saturday, July 03, 2010

Bird Island 

A shot of Buzzards Bay, not far from the Cape Cod Canal. It's taken from the widow's walk of a house near the tip of Butler Point, looking at Bird Island Light.

Extra points to those who can name the famous oceanographic institution that is located in the distant point of land beyond Bird Island. Hint: a ferry service is in the town, taking people to and from a larger island that has been the preferred vacation ground of recent Democratic presidents.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jul 03, 06:10:00 PM:

Woods Hole, I presume.  

By Blogger Escort81, at Sat Jul 03, 10:18:00 PM:

Anon 6:10 is quite correct. No more obvious hints from now on.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Jul 04, 04:20:00 AM:

The ferry from Wood's Hole to MV is quite slow, but you can take your car if you have a reservation well in advance. Without a car and coming from the south, the high speed ferry from Quonset, RI, is the best bet.


By Anonymous Caro, at Sun Jul 04, 10:16:00 PM:

I was in the neighborhood just last week, on Wing's Neck...Barlow's Boatyard, a wondrous Cape Cod place.  

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