Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday night science: Mountains found! 

Cool! We've found a new mountain range. We sort of knew it was there, but now we know what it looks like.


By Blogger jmt, at Fri Jun 11, 11:08:00 PM:

Wow - it's creepy when something from a Lovecraft story shows up in real life. ("At the Mountains of Madness")...  

By Blogger niall, at Sat Jun 12, 09:37:00 AM:

I read that story again just last month and thought the same thing...  

By Anonymous B.A. DuBois, at Sat Jun 12, 04:04:00 PM:

Yep, let me be the third to chime in... paging H.P. Lovecraft! Exactly what I thought the moment I started reading the story....  

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