Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Estimating earthquake damage, and a short note on Chile 

How did Chile estimate earthquake damage so fast? An interesting write-up on the science of catastrophe assessment.

And there is this:

But today, particularly in relatively wealthy and earthquake-prone countries -- like Chile, Japan, and the United States -- there is no need for such spit-balling.

Is there any other country in Latin America that one would casually lump with the United States and Japan in any matter of governmental competence? I submit that there is not. Not by a long shot.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 03, 11:34:00 AM:

Chlie's government is far more fiscally responsible than our own, as public debt is apparently less than 10% of GDP versus our near 100% level, and the Chilean savings rate is exemplery. They are in far better condition than we would be in a similar situation to recover from the economic aspects of the quake.

Chile is a great country- and I wish them well in trying to recover from this horrendous disaster. The very strict building codes are getting credit for keeping the fatality level much lower than one would have expected from an earthquake this massive. Thank goodness for Chilean disaster preparation!  

By Blogger KnightErrant, at Wed Mar 03, 02:22:00 PM:

I'm not sure I would lump the US (Katrina) in with Japan and Chile.  

By Blogger Kinuachdrach, at Wed Mar 03, 10:13:00 PM:

KnightErrant -- you certainly are Errant in your thinking.

Louisiana & Alabama were hit with the equivalent energy release of multiple nuclear bombs. How many people died? How many criminals escaped from jail? How much help did other Americans render to the devasted area? How long was the Port of New Orleans out of action? How many conventions have been held in New Orleans since Katrina?

Yes, the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana both under-performed abysmally. And yes, the Lame-Stream Media seized on a chance to undermine the President. And despite all that, the Gulf Coast took the punch and rolled on.

You have to clear your mind of the garbage that certain parties in politics and the media are all too willing to pump into it, Mr. Errant  

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