Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Three Americas 

Tina Brown on John Edwards in The Daily Beast:
The truly shaming revelation here is how—except for the hound dogs of the National Enquirer—the press and the political establishment were duped by a candidate who, even before the Rielle Hunter craziness, was a giant phony. It should be collectively blush-making for the press to remember the newsmagazine covers, the fawning TV sitdowns, the op-ed boostings Edwards garnered in the course of his years as a crowd-pleasing, “Kennedyesque” candidate who supposedly cared for the underdog and coined the “Two Americas” catchphrase. It turns out that the cocoon of John Edwards' megalomania was a third America all its own.
As Marv Albert might say, "Basket's good! And the foul. Tina will go to the line to shoot one and complete the three point play."


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Feb 02, 04:29:00 PM:

Implicit in her criticism is that the press has abandoned their role in favor of cheerleading for the left. I couldn't agree more with her in this view, and think the disservice the press did the country in the 2008 election, by failing to properly vet the president, is a gigantic historic mistake.  

By Anonymous Just Because I'm Paranoid, at Tue Feb 02, 05:15:00 PM:

The "Third America" is actually the political class / MSM. They're the only one's gaining from the decline of the rest of America.

John Edwards got away with his BS because he was part of the club.

On a spectrum, Obama's not as bad as Edwards but I suspect he's close.  

By Blogger Georg Felis, at Tue Feb 02, 06:09:00 PM:

Hm, a youthful vibrant unqualified candidate who the press fawned all over all during his run for the presidency, and now are beginning to show as a complete and total phony. Reminds me of somebody, I just saw on TV a couple of nights ago giving a speech…  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Feb 02, 07:31:00 PM:

The media was "duped?" NONSENSE!! The media was complicit!!  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Tue Feb 02, 10:15:00 PM:

John Edwards was "Kennedy-esque?" So was John Kerry, supposedly. So is Obama, supposedly.

Don't liberals have any other Presidential descriptive tag from which to choose? Because just recycling the same one utterly destroys any meaning that it might have once had.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Feb 02, 11:11:00 PM:


I agree with Dawnfire. Kennedy was a foreign policy hawk.  

By Blogger Brian, at Wed Feb 03, 01:36:00 AM:

Brown was part of that media elite, so she's either condemning herself, or needs to show when she blew the whistle before Edwards confessed.  

By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Wed Feb 03, 08:31:00 AM:

Too bad she doesn't compare it to the hostile treatment of Palin. Or Cheney. It's the perfect comparison.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Feb 03, 10:00:00 AM:

Tina Brown denouncing herself? Surely you jest! ( I know, stop calling me Shirley!) Will she punish herself by denying dinners out at four star restaurants in NY City for a month? As bad as the Gulag!

And Cheney and Palin are known reactionairies and capitalist roaders. They must be dealt with properly!! This has nothing to do with the flawed analysis of Comrade Edwards and the tragic problems with his marriage. Tina Brown was serving a higher purpose, defeating the Bush fascist patrimony.


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