Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pictures of Princeton University, in the snow 

Last weekend we took the telephoto lens and took photographs of Princeton University on a sunny January day; today we used a wide-angle zoom in the snow! Gown first, town second.

Our nation's capitol.*

Our nation's capitol

Eagle vigilant

Holder Hall on the right, Alexander on the left.

Holder on the right, Alexander on the left




Picnic tables, "Holder Beach"

I liked the snow on the relief on the south wall of Alexander Hall.

Snow on the relief

Frosted ivy.

Snow on the ivy

Cannon Green.

Cannon Green

Looking out.

Looking out

Palmer Square.

Palmer Square

The cemetery on Moore Street, at Willow.

The cemetary off Moore Street

And, finally, another bonus shot of the future TigerHawk home, this time wide-angle.

The soon-to-be TigerHawk home


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Feb 06, 08:25:00 PM:

You really shouldn't have put your future home picture adjacent to the cemetery picture. While scrolling, I originally misconstrued the "TigerHawk home" caption to go with the cemetery picture. That gave me pause ...  

By Blogger Ken McCracken, at Sat Feb 06, 10:52:00 PM:

Jeez, now that is what a university should look like!

Certainly better looking than Boston University.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Feb 07, 12:47:00 AM:

It is sad that you have such a wonderful winter weather and here, in Vancouver British Columbia, where the winter Olympics is starting in less than a week, it is ... 10C today. There is barely snow on the mountains. Well, the Olympics should have happened last year when we actually had a real winter (in Vancouver's standards).


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