Saturday, February 06, 2010

Nothing stops a boarding school 

I drove the TH Daughter to school this morning, she being a day student at The Lawrenceville School, and snapped this picture of "Pop Hall" with my Blackberry. Yes, classes are a go this Saturday morning. As we've written before ("Exeter on ice"), nothing stops a Northeastern boarding school!

Pop Hall, in the snow


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Feb 06, 09:59:00 AM:

In 1968, Phillips (Andover) canceled classes due to weather on the Monday after Thanksgiving. A severe snowstorm hit the Northeast on Thanksgiving weekend stranding over 50% of the students who had gone home over the break. I remember having to shovel our way out of the dorm. It was the first time in memory that the school had canceled classes due to weather.  

By Blogger RDOwens, at Sat Feb 06, 10:32:00 AM:

I do not recall ever having a snow day at prep school.

I do recall my Lawrenceville interview. I was asked if I knew Canada's national sport. It's not hockey. :)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Feb 06, 11:21:00 AM:

"The 2009-2010 tuition charge for boarding students is $44,900, for day students, $36,760."

Blogging must be a very lucrative gig.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Feb 06, 11:22:00 AM:

rdowens: it is a trick question, the answer is lacrosse, but i've never seen anyone (or heard of anyone) playing lacrosse

99.999% of canadians would have answered the same way  

By Blogger RDOwens, at Sat Feb 06, 12:01:00 PM:

I found out it was lacrosse. The guy who interviewed me was the lacrosse coach. ;)

I think they were surprised when I turned down admission to the school.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Feb 06, 04:07:00 PM:

HavIng ushered all of my kids through L'Ville as day students, it has always amazed me how the kids like Saturday classes. Among other things, it allows for competitive sports mid-week for those who participate, or mid-week rehearsals for those in the arts. Great way to clear the head, my kids always believed. But day students do need to make lots of effort to be included in clubs and social life. It's a great place, as you probably would also say (as an alum) and I do hope she enjoys it.  

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