Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two election night graphics 

Woke up, and foolishly turned on the television to get another dose of shocked liberals. At the moment, anyway, I really cannot get enough of that even at the cost of a good night's sleep.

Anyway, two graphics.

This is an elegant and simple bit of cybervandalism, and also the latest evidence that the GOP needs to raise its game on the intertubes. In a big way.

And then, Massachusetts in red and blue. I do not know much about that state's politics, and am surprised that the western part of the state is so much more blue. Your knowledgeable elaboration in the comments is most welcome.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 20, 02:19:00 AM:

Western part of the state is old industrial and rural. Charming, yet depressed, in the same way that rural VT, NH, and ME are - for those of us who venture that way on summer vacations.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 20, 07:15:00 AM:

ah TH, that is probably a liberal making that comment.

(at least it cost him a buck)  

By Blogger Escort81, at Wed Jan 20, 09:20:00 AM:

Many former NYC residents live in the Berkshires of western MA (others own second homes there), so it is like VT in that respect -- a state whose politics have been altered a bit by in-migration. Go into Great Barrington, for example, and you will find pricey restaurants and expensive shops. The real estate prices keep the "rubes" away.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 20, 09:21:00 AM:

The national Dems should quit dumping on Martha Coakley. Her campaign was well aware of the forces they were fighting, and told the national campaign committies and the White House what was up as early as December 19. In their written memo, the Coakley campaign laid out exactly how at-risk the independent vote was going to be, and blamed it at the time squarely on the Congressional/Obama agenda.

Of course, they thought they would still win the Senate election comfortably (they were still up by over 20 points at the time of the memo), so they were definitely guilty of understating the scale of the threat, but they definitely got the threat right. Read the memo. Obama and the Congressional leadership lost this election; Martha Coakley was collateral damage.  

By Blogger joated, at Wed Jan 20, 11:13:00 AM:

Anonymous, at Wed Jan 20, 09:21:00 AM: "The national Dems should quit dumping on Martha Coakley."

They won't. If they do then they have to admit their own culpability and vulnerability.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 20, 12:48:00 PM:

FIVE colleges & universities in western Mass  

By Blogger Dan Kauffman, at Wed Jan 20, 05:58:00 PM:

" to get another dose of shocked liberals."

Ah yes, I did something I have never done before, I watched MSNBC

Conan the Barbarian when asked, "What is Best in Life?" replied, "To Crush your Enemies, to see them Driven Before You, to Hear the Lanentations of their Women."

After the Special Election, what was best in Life was.

To See th Kennedy Machine Crushed, to See them Driven Before Republicans, to Hear the Lanentations of Olbermann, Matthews and Maddow.

Yes that truly was what was Best in Life  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Wed Jan 20, 10:33:00 PM:

Stick with Escort81's analysis. Western MA is South Vermont/NYC escape valve (actually, that's the same thing). Anon's opening is not wrong, but gets it somewhat backward. There are a few areas that are intensely liberal - Seven Sisters colleges and Little Ivies for openers. The other Democrats in the region are not the rural poor, but the urban poor (Springfield, Holyoke).

Other MA areas of such dominating Democratic voting that they overwash the rest of the state: Boston & a few close suburbs, Worcester, and Cape & Island vacation areas. Central MA is akin to VT and NH before the influx of domestic furriners - New Yorkers to VT, MAssholes to NH. (See also, upstate New York, interior ME.)

I have long hoped that the old Yankee culture (libertarian/mid-conservative) would eventually convert all these outlanders "from away." Numb as a hake, all of 'em. I had given up hope, but now...  

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