Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too cute by half 

One of our spies in Massachusetts reports that his polling place, usually quiet with no lines even on normal election days, seemed crowded with Brown supporters this morning. An encouraging data point for those hoping for a Republican victory.

He also adds:

If Brown wins, the thing I will like to the point of sexual arousal is that, in 2004 when John Kerry was running for President, the state Democrats changed the rules to prevent an interim appointment by the governor, who of course was Mitt Romney.
This is where the 'petard' comes into play, I guess.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jan 19, 04:04:00 PM:


The thing I like most about this election is the renewal of my not quite ever lost, but seriously shaken, faith in the masses of American voters. When President Obama was elected, alongside huge majorities in both houses of Congress, I nearly lost that faith. Now, even if Brown can't win against the machine, I expect Congress to get the clear message and back the hell off this insane agenda! Because of that fact I think we've won, even if Scott Brown can't pull off this miracle.  

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