Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Imagine how much worse it would be in private hands! 

The NJ Star Ledger has been breaking stories about how indifferent and incompetent the security at Newark airport has been:

A camera system installed by the Port Authority for use by the TSA was focused on the exit corridor, and screeners went to review the video to see exactly what had happened. However, according to Lautenberg, the camera was not operating and had not recorded anything since Dec. 28.

"TSA was to notify the Port Authority if there was anything awry with the camera," he said. They did not. The Port Authority operates the airport.

A second surveillance system, operated by Continental, also covers the area. But Lautenberg said there were long delays by the TSA accessing the tape vault to access the video. TSA first dialed the wrong numbers to get clearance from Continental, then failed to quickly notify Port Authority police, he said.

A senior security official for the airline, who was familiar with the ongoing review of the incident but declined to be identified because he is not at liberty to publicly discuss security issues, said the TSA failed to contact the airline’s Operations Control Center, which monitors activities at the terminal. Instead, the agency contacted a Continental investigator to try to get access to the airline’s videotape.

Interesting. The only entity with functioning equipment and procedures appears to have been private.

Paul Krugman is still happy the government took over this function. If not for those Evil Republicans TM, I'm sure critical security cameras would be fixed within six days.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 06, 07:59:00 AM:

Can't wait for better, less expensive health care for all!!! Maybe next we can lower retirement and social security age. Keep those votes coming!! Obama/Biden 08  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 06, 02:34:00 PM:

Dear Anonymous,

Keep it relevant.


Anonymous 2.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 06, 03:49:00 PM:

I am a airlne employee working the ramp for 43 years. you have inexperence people working securty at the airports. t.s.a. are morons.  

By Anonymous vikingTX, at Wed Jan 06, 05:49:00 PM:

It seems redundant to point out that the entity with something to lose, Continental, has the most interest in a functional security system. Who in TSA would lose a job or take responsibility if something were to happen? Probably nobody. Yet the corporations are evil and government is always the benign protector.

There is more broken here than the security system.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 06, 06:14:00 PM:

A2, I'll connect the dots for you. Private healthcare is in the process of being transformed into a government type of system [think TSA] with government type delivery. Expect 9 to 5 clerks to make your healthcare decisions for you and your doctor [formerly the private hands].  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 06, 10:01:00 PM:

Don't expect much better if you travel west. Twelve TSA employees from LAX were recently arrested on charges ranging from making fraudulent LAX parking passes to drug use.  

By Anonymous Blacque Jacques Shellacque, at Fri Jan 08, 04:05:00 PM:

Twelve TSA employees from LAX were recently arrested on charges ranging from making fraudulent LAX parking passes to drug use.

The government did a good job vetting those employees, didn't they?

And to think, they also want to take control of your health care...  

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