Friday, December 11, 2009

Who owns the sovereign debt of the United States? (Part II) 

Yesterday we posted a static graphical depiction of the ownership of United States treasury securities by foreign country. Check out this dynamic video reflecting the same data over a period of years. Notice how the pie grows, and particularly the growth of China's share of the total and the shrinking of Japan's.

Who Owns America's Debt - A Dynamic Perspective on Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities (2002-Present) from Michael J Bommarito II on Vimeo.


By Blogger John, at Fri Dec 11, 11:53:00 PM:

I feel sorry for them. This overspending train when it does go off the rails is going to hurt a lot of people.  

By Blogger Rhino-itall, at Sat Dec 12, 07:21:00 AM:

Talk about buying at the top.

The Chinese are in almost as much trouble as us.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sat Dec 12, 08:45:00 AM:

It's no wonder Obama bows to everybody...He's (geopolitically) the unkempt guy at the traffic light with the cardboard sign.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Dec 12, 06:38:00 PM:

I would assume the UK piece reflects the London trading markets and not the massive current account surpluses they (haven't) been running, no?

Still interesting London is that big.  

By Blogger Donald Douglas, at Sat Dec 12, 07:43:00 PM:

American Power tracked-back with, 'China's Debt Holdings and the Balance of World Power'.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Dec 13, 04:41:00 PM:

I believe that these various countries need to call in their markers. America NEEDS to KNOW how much down the crapper the o has forced us into. Then maybe America will finally storm the castle for the final time.  

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