Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tiger story of the day 

The last wild Indochinese tiger has been killed. And eaten. Which is thrifty and consistent with Elton John's admonition in "The Circle of Life," even if tragic.

According to the linked story, there are only a thousand or so wild tigers left in Asia. The loss of each one is, therefore, indeed a tragedy, and one we ought to avoid. Give to save the tigers.


By Blogger JPMcT, at Sun Dec 27, 10:27:00 PM:

What's the tragedy? If they are a failing species, let them fail, for heaven's sake!

If the guy hunted down the tiger because he wanted to kill a rare animal, then he deserves to go to jail.

If the beast attacked him and he shot it...then he deserved the tiger steaks.

The trouble with "environmental" stories like this is that the truth will probably never be known.  

By Anonymous feeblemind, at Mon Dec 28, 01:40:00 AM:

I hate too see the big cats disappear, but if you had wild tigers prowling your neighborhood, you might want them killed too. If you want to save the tigers, find a way for the locals to profit from them. Somehow I don't believe charities will be able to do much more than consume salaries.  

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