Monday, December 28, 2009

Lunch time video fun: American exceptionalism 

Follwing links from Facebook friends, I came across this great video (originally published in August) by Bill Whittle on the subject of American exceptionalism. Most of you will enjoy it immensely, perhaps more than any video this week. A few of you will will scream "it burns" and stab the keys on your computer to escape the horror. I think in both cases you know who you are.


By Blogger Christopher Chambers, at Mon Dec 28, 03:17:00 PM:

...but most will just shrug and say "Hmmm, again? As repetitive and unhelpful as the farting of a 14 year old English bulldog as you try to watch TV." LOL

Why do Goebbelsmedia...oops...Republican...oops...independent-minded Pajamas Media shows always remind me of the "Prestige Worldwide" promo video in the movie "Stepbrothers?" It's puzzling.  

By Anonymous Mr. Ed, at Mon Dec 28, 03:31:00 PM:

Whittle is one who knows fact from fiction.


By Blogger Country Squire, at Mon Dec 28, 06:08:00 PM:

Ah, CC - the gift that keeps on giving. Don't bother to make a cogent arguement (because you can't); just sling drivel and stir the pot.

Get back under the bridge troll.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Dec 28, 06:22:00 PM:

While I agree with about everything that guy said, did he not hear the part where President Obama said, "I BELIEVE IN AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM"? Just because Obama 'suspects' that other countries feel the same way doesn't mean that he feels our country isn't exceptional.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Mon Dec 28, 07:13:00 PM:

"did he not hear the part where President Obama said, "I BELIEVE IN AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM"?"

I'm sure Obama thought he was dropping a Solomon-like word jewel like pearls before swine....but in fact the whole statement trivialize's the concept of American exceptionalism and basically says "we are no better than anyone else".

Which, in the context of the question, is the same as answering "No".  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Mon Dec 28, 09:12:00 PM:

Shorter CC: Nasssty cruel hobbises...  

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