Saturday, December 12, 2009

Army of Davids' wives 

Once again, an armed citizen brings about a happy ending.

Shelby County Sheriff's detectives say that a woman shot a man who tried to rob her husband outside their home Monday.

The incident occurred just after 10:30pm on the 4300-block of Whispering Bend Drive.

According to investigators, two suspects approached Mike Murik as he got out of his vehicle in front of his home. Murik tried to fight off the attackers, and was shot in the leg during the scuffle.

Murik's wife, Maria Lopez-Guerrero, heard the commotion, retrieved a gun and fired at the suspects.

Approximately 30 minutes later, 36-year old Richard Crawford checked himself in to the Delta Medical Center on Getwell Road for a gunshot wound to the back.

Hospital staff notified Sheriff's detectives, who later charged Crawford with Attempted First Degree Murder and Attempted Especially Aggravated Robbery.

May Mr. Murik get well soon.



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