Saturday, October 28, 2006

A blow for the West 

If Mark Steyn is right, the Miss Europe pageant won't look like this much longer. Let's hope he's wrong.

This year's winner was Miss France, Alexandra Rosenfeld. Regular readers know that I have appreciated Miss Rosenfeld since July, when she surfaced in the Miss Universe pageant. 'Bout time she won something bigger than "Miss Languedoc."

Miss Europe slideshow here.


By Anonymous mystery Meat, at Sat Oct 28, 07:04:00 PM:

Ah, women- God's greatest creation.

It just won't be the same when the burqa becomes de rigueur in Europe. These are indeed the good old days...  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Oct 28, 09:33:00 PM:

Thanks for the slide show - one comment though, I noticed a lack of plastic inducement. Was this the au-naturel pagent? By the looks of the Miss America pagent just about all of the contestants appeared to have had their chests altered?  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Sun Oct 29, 08:08:00 PM:

Is this the biggest picture you could find?  

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