Friday, August 25, 2006

The fraudulent victory 

Regular readers know that we have consistently rejected the meme that Hezbollah won a victory in the recently suspended fighting. Well, if Amir Taheri is to be believed, the Shia of Lebanon don't think they won, either.


By Blogger K. Pablo, at Fri Aug 25, 10:09:00 AM:

Assuming Hezbollah is a pawn, do you think Iran played it well?  

By Blogger Final Historian, at Fri Aug 25, 01:40:00 PM:

I think that the only winner in the latest round of fighting was Nasrallah. Otherwise, everyone lost to some degree. Although Israel might switch this around if it uses the opportunity this latest round of fighting to fix the IDF.  

By Blogger skipsailing, at Fri Aug 25, 05:05:00 PM:

I've tried, I've tried hard, but I cannot see how this could be declared a victory or Nasrallah or Hezbullah.

If I were dear old Hassan, I'd avoid Teheran for the next few years.

Not only did Hezbullah lose a significant portion of their trained fighters, they consumed much of their arsenal. Further they watched as their enemy occupied the land they swore to defend. And while their enemy, which is still standing on "their" soil BTW, is there it is destroying what it can, studying what it can and mapping out every nook and cranny.

further this little conflict witnessed the complete unravelling of the agit prop machine that the arabs have relied on to sway global opinion.

finally, and perhaps most damning, the once indifferent nations of Europe have committed themselves to occupying hezbullah's territory.

Certainly the deeply delusional arabs, those dwelling in their deep deep denial will proclaim Nasrallah the victor. what else can they do? The certainly won't admit that they got their butts kicked yet again. They certainly can't admit that the only weapon they have, out right terror, cannot take or hold ground, cannot defend against a determined and disciplined foe and most definitely CAN turn public opinion against them.

rumors of nasrallah's victory are greatly exagerated.  

By Anonymous Dan-O, at Fri Aug 25, 07:17:00 PM:

Why don't we all listen to the people who fought the war: The Israelis. 60% wnat the government gone and most feel that they won nothing. Reservists coming back are staging demonstrations.

I think its insulting for us to sit here and pretend the Israelis won when they are saying they didn't. Case closed in my book.


By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Fri Aug 25, 10:43:00 PM:

It's never insulting to have your own opinion, Dan-O. It's insulting to take your opinion and try to force it down the throats of others.  

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