Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Walking the Berkshires 

My second cousin blogs, and he writes beautifully about the natural world. Check out this post about my great aunt's old house on Buzzards Bay.


By Blogger Rob, at Wed May 31, 08:14:00 PM:

Is this the same second cousin who has a cousin or sister, about 3 years younger than us, from DC, who was uber-hot in 1978?  

By Anonymous GreenmanTim, at Wed May 31, 09:05:00 PM:

Second cousins from DC include one that might well be considered uber-hot, but alas considerably younger than you and all of 5 in 1978. She works for CDC and spent several years in southern Sudan and other sketchy places in East Africa working to eradicate polio.

Thanks very much for the link, TH. I'm long overdue for overhauling the form, but not the content, of my blog, and will reciprocate.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Thu Jun 01, 12:34:00 AM:

I had forgotten, Rob, that you actually spent the night in the house that was the subject of GreenmanTim's post. Unfortunately, since I do not rank my cousins on a "hotness" scale and did not -- even in 1978 -- I don't know who you are talking about. I have an inquiry into the 'Villain, who is better with this stuff than I am. Readers can rest assured, however, that I will not report back on this blog.  

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