Monday, March 27, 2006

"Hey bin Laden" 

LGF helpfully points us to the new "Patrick Henry" song, "Hey bin Laden." Give it a listen. As Charles observed, if this one doesn't earn him a fatwa, nothing will.

I'm a big believer in mocking the enemy, and there's been far too little of it in this war. Sixty years ago, Spike Jones and the City Slickers made a specialty of it, particularly with their smash hit, "Der Fuhrer's Face." Yes, we need to kill jihadis, and killing is a serious business. But the seriousness of the war doesn't mean that it is somehow inappropriate to ridicule these sanctimonious, preachy, decapitating, bomb-detonating, mass-murdering windbags. After all, who is more important to mock than your enemy?


By Anonymous Michael Gill, at Mon Mar 27, 11:32:00 PM:

All religions are susceptible to satire but none more so than Islam with it's impossible contradictions and mediaeval superstitions.

72 Virgins? Yeah Right.

Religion of Peace ? Only if you're dead.  

By Blogger Casey, at Tue Mar 28, 01:25:00 AM:

72 virgins? If they're pretty, then they're virgins like your mom. Mocking Jihadists isn't fun. They just get depressed and suicide.  

By Blogger irishspy, at Tue Mar 28, 03:14:00 PM:

I liked "It's in the Koran" better. I'm surprised they didn' burn down his embassy over that one. :)  

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