Monday, March 27, 2006

Rubbing two brain cells together 

Alec Baldwin v. Sean Hannity.

Who ya got?


By Blogger Steve, at Mon Mar 27, 05:57:00 PM:

I wish they could speak at a level that we with IQ's of under 130 could understand. That was all so esoteric and way over my head.  

By Anonymous davod, at Mon Mar 27, 06:18:00 PM:

Hannity was on Fox this morning. He called one of the hosts (the waether man) a great American. What the heck does this mean. Talk about dumbing down the meaning of words.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Mar 27, 06:57:00 PM:

I remember seeing Hannity on Bill Maher recently. I thought he was actually going to explode; his face got so red.

I would love to see a cage match between those two.  

By Blogger Cassandra, at Mon Mar 27, 07:05:00 PM:

OMG. All they needed was John McLaughlin shouting "WRONG!!!" and it would have been perfect.  

By Anonymous Maiadd, at Mon Mar 27, 09:04:00 PM:

Proving, yet again, that balls, not brains, is the driving force in entertainment. These numbskulls shout so loudly that they drown the voices of the thoughtful (be they right or wrong).  

By Blogger spd rdr, at Tue Mar 28, 07:13:00 AM:

Mirrors should reflect a little before throwing back images. - Jean Cocteau


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