Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Annals of medicine: The "G-shot" 

"It took the work out of having an orgasm," explains adult model and sex columnist Rita Granberry - "Rita G" professionally - who had the shot two months ago....

That this practice originated in Beverly Hills is hardly surprising, considering the popularity of so many other cosmetic surgeries among those in the entertainment industry.

Though Matlock says he gets customers from all walks of life - "doctors, lawyers" - he admits there are certainly some celebrities mixed in there.

After all, they're the ones who can afford the 90210-size price tag: $1,800.

"Some people may say that's a lot," says Matlock, "but we say it's a small price to pay for such a bundle of joy."


CWCID: John Derbyshire.


By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Wed Mar 01, 08:41:00 AM:

The Islamonazis definitely won't like this...  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Wed Mar 01, 09:51:00 AM:

I had the same thought. The CIA could infiltrate gynecologists trained in the procedure into Muslim countries. Pretty soon, the wealthy Muslimm men won't know what hit them.

Me, I'm just hoping to hear from Cassandra on this topic...  

By Blogger Cassandra, at Wed Mar 01, 03:47:00 PM:

Cassandra is speechless.

I try to get some work done and you people go completely insane in my absence.  

By Blogger Cassandra, at Wed Mar 01, 07:08:00 PM:

OK, I'm back.

Why do I keep thinking of that Smith-Barney tagline:

"We make whoopie the old-fashioned way... we uuuuuuuuuurrrrnnnnnn it."

Only in Hollyweird. There is something very disturbing about this:

"It was a little weird at first," admits Rita G., "because I was feeling sensations in that area when I wasn't used to it. If I'm in a meeting and crossing my legs, or have on really tight jeans, I wiggle around in my seat a little."

I don't think I am going to be able to sit through a business meeting with a straight face for a looooong, long time.

What am I talking about? I have a hard time keeping a straight face now.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Nov 09, 10:57:00 PM:


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