Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Saudi women 

Sabbah chronicles the social progress of Saudi women in the last year, and considers it a blow against Islamic terrorism. A woman won election to a seat on the "engineer's board," and another has become the first female jockey to compete internationally. Saudi women can now travel alone (as long as they have the permission of their husbands), and there are even hints that they soon may be allowed to drive.

To an American, these tiny ripples of change only remind us how far removed Saudi Arabia is from Western notions of gender justice. Circa 1920. Still, progress is progress, and Sabbah is surely right that in this respect Saudi society is moving away from the Islamic terrorists, rather than toward them. Celebrate all progress, but please, faster.


By Blogger Dymphna, at Wed Dec 28, 07:19:00 PM:

I hardly know how to respond to this post, Tigerhawk. For one thing, gender justice is a cruel joke in a country where human justice is nil. For another, these spoiled Saudi women huffily told Karen Hughes they didn't *need* to drive. Of course they don't. They have slave chauffeurs from Indonesia and the Philippines to do that for them.

Surely you read the plight of the four teachers in rural Saudi Arabia who married their driver so they'd have a less grueling commute to the school where they teach? Since Saudi women can't drive but Saudi men can have up to four wives, it was a no-brainer. Literally.

It's Enough to Drive You to Marry

Tigerhawk, this is a brutal and ugly tribe, this Saud empire. Eventually it will unravel and when it does, the evil will be too much to behold.

They may go down as worse than the Soviets, if on a smaller scale -- they certainly rival the USSR in their ability to spread evil.  

By Blogger Dymphna, at Wed Dec 28, 07:24:00 PM:

Oh, I forgot...don't overlook their treatment of their slaves. It's so sickening that I avoided posting an update on it...finally did because readers kept reminding me it was out there:

Let Me Tell You Something, Mr. President

These people are evil, plain and simple. I don't use that word often, but it's hard to avoid when talking about that country.  

By Blogger Papa Ray, at Thu Dec 29, 06:09:00 PM:

Yes, Dymphna is right. They are evil. Without their oil money, they would be what they are anyway, just thugs of the desert.

Of course with all of their oil, the world has to ignore the fact that they are nothing more than abusers and thugs.

Well, we are going to stop ignoring it and start shoving it up their you know what soon. We suffered a set back because of our stupid congress, but soon we will be able to drill for oil almost anywhere it is on federal lands.

Its coming, because the USA can't stop its incestous relationship with energy. We are screwing ourselves out of energy and are not looking outside of our bad choices and bad habits for an answer or solution.

Women in the 14th century had it better in most of the world than women do in the 21st century in the Middle East and other Islamic hellholes.

What I want to see is a massive, relentless attack on Saudi Arabia by the rabid extreme Islamics.

We should become involved only when they start destroying the oil fields and production plants. Then we should protect them and put them under US care and use for at least 50 years.

Maybe by that time we can all afford a hydrogen vehicle.

Papa Ray
West Texas

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