Sunday, November 27, 2005

Across the world 

I am about to board a flight to Australia, via Japan. Coach. That's a lot of flying. I hope I don't throw a clot.

My objective was to go visit customers and distributors in Australia and Japan. Unfortunately, a triangular ticket from the United States to Australia to Japan and back again was almost $8000, at least according to our crack travel agency. But, if I were willing to fly round-trip to Tokyo and then fly an interior round-trip from Tokyo to Melbourne the total cost would only be $1700. Our stockholders should pay great homage to me.

Point is, I'll be posting on strange topics and at strange times between now and my return on December 7 (yes, I'll be flying from Japan to the United States on the date that lives in infamy), and I won't be posting at all between now and some point early Tuesday, when I actually get to Melbourne.

Cardinalpark and the 'Villain promise to keep the fires burning in my absence.


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