Monday, October 03, 2005

The American moonbat/paranoid Arab feedback loop 

MEMRI, which specializes in translating Arab and Persian media into English, has just posted a breathtaking example of the way that Western moonbats feed the paranoid strain in Arab politics. An Egyptian general has carefully explained on Egyptian television that Israel subverted American communications to effect the attacks on September 11, repeatedly citing the moonbat group 911Truth.org (see that organization's delightful work here).
Muhammad Khalaf: "Yes. He was told over the phone... The president was flying Air Force One, the presidential plane, back to Washington. Cheney called him, not on the regular phone, but on the coded phone..."

Host: "The other one was broken..."

Muhammad Khalaf: "He called him and even the president, whose code name was "Angel 1"... The American president was amazed that he was using the secret communications system which is saved for wartime. Cheney talked to him and said: "This is an inside job in the White House. There are (enemy) agents in the White House. He said these things. The American president slammed the phone down and said: "Air Force One is next", and gave the order to land. He was told there is a conspiracy. These things were published, but have not been repeated since.

"If we take into account who sold the communications systems - these were Israeli and Zionist companies that control the production of surveillance and communications equipment in the U.S.... There are many of these - so many that instructions were given later, in March, not to cooperate with foreign companies. To be precise, it is Comfrance (sic) - a company specializing in the manufacture of bugging equipment, and this is an Israeli company."


"When we look at how the tower collapsed... The plane entered this way... Logically, and without any knowledge of engineering, if there was a fracture, the tower would tilt sideways at the point of fracture.

"A second point has to do with tower No. 7, whose picture we just saw. Tower No. 7, which Mr. Nabil talked about, was far from the place. On the 911truth.org website, you can see footage of the tower collapsing of its own accord, and the dust emitted from its side has nothing to do with it. It was detonated. A ball of fire of such dimensions could not be created by... This is a cinematic production, like you see in action films."

The Egyptians have been lying to themselves and the world since before Nasser accused the United States and Britain of having destroyed his air force in 1967 -- the idea that tiny Israel might have done it was apparently too much to bear. Now they believe that Israel engineered the attacks of September 11, that the United States knows that Israel was behind the attacks, and that it used them as a pretext to attack the Arab world. Khalaf's "evidence" is supplied by a paranoid left wing activist group that has embedded itself in the anti-war movement.

If Egypt had a free press, it would be easy to dismiss this just as it is easy to dismiss 911Truth.org. But since Egypt doesn't have a free press, can we safely assume that the government approves of this outrage?


By Anonymous karim, at Mon Oct 03, 01:16:00 AM:

The US has a free press, yet for some reason it was hard to dismiss the big lie that Saddam had WMDs (Mr. Powell said they knew where they were).

This lie was spread despite the fact the entire world warned against it including former UN inspectors who were in Iraq itself.

Now this conspiracy is not just talk (like in the Egyptian case), it was the basis of an illegal war that has killed more than 100,000 people in less than 2 years.

Where is your free press Mr. Tigerhawk ? Oh maybe they will find the WMDs...

Finally, I should inform you that the founder of MEMRI is an ex Israeli Colonel (IDF). What an Israeli colonel doing in Washington DC is beyond my understanding.


Maybe you have an answer?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Oct 03, 05:58:00 AM:

Hmmm ... because we didn't find (or haven't acknowledged finding) Saddam's WMD, that validates 911truth and the Israel conspiracy? I think not.

A free press does not permit fantasy or things like Rathergate.

As for legal, see resolution 1441, and Saddam's years of criminal behavior protected by his business partners on the Security Council.

If anything, I'd offer that the losers in Old Europe are trying to implement a version of what we did under Reagan in Afghanistan (funding the Taliban to break the back of the Russian Military, and their resolve to stay Commie) - get us to spend a lot of cash fighting wars. They'll lose because we don't need to lose WW2 levels to change entire regions, and because we have too much cash.  

By Anonymous Karim, at Mon Oct 03, 09:12:00 AM:

Oh they found the WMDs but haven't acknowledged it publically?

maybe you could start a website called WMDstruth.com....don't forget to quote Powell along with his powerpoint presentation to make your claim more credible, not to mention the President himself!

How about Iraq's connection to 9-11? I thought that this "truth" was also propagated by the free press, not to mention the elected government of America including many HIGH RANKING OFFICIALS.

I am not so much worried about Egyptian conspiracies because at this point they are merely stories.

The right-wing conspiracies however lead to wars, killings and destruction.  

By Blogger CJB, at Mon Oct 03, 11:54:00 AM:

Karim, -the Clinton administration claimed in the late 1990's that Iraq had WMD, as did UN inspectors, French intelligence service, Russian intelligence, the Jordanian gov't, etc.

As for the connection between Iraq the 9/11 attacks, just search these names:
Abdul Rahman Yasin
Sabah Khodada
Ahmad Hikmat Shakir
Ahmad Khalil Ibrahim Samir al-Ani

The connections are real and clear for anybody to see.  

By Anonymous Kukunet Garble, at Mon Oct 03, 02:03:00 PM:

Egypt has not been a "Real" World Power since GOD Freed the Children of Israel and then GOD destroyed the entire Egyptian Military Capability in the RED SEA.  

By Anonymous karim, at Mon Oct 03, 07:29:00 PM:


The connections are as "real" and "clear" as 9-11 conspiracy theories.

Your lying President along with his lying staff still can't find the WMDs. How many years has been it now?

As to Garble's comment, well where was GOD when 6 million Jews (men, women and children) were massacred by the Nazis? I bet your GOD couldn't free these innocent human beings from the concentration camps.

Please take your lunatic garbage to GODtruth.com  

By Blogger Kevin L. Connors, at Tue Oct 04, 12:46:00 PM:

Karim should be aware that it was incumbent upon Saddam to account for the WMDs he was known to have purchased. This was never done, nor have those WMDs EVER been accounted for.

The matter of Tower 7 is still troubling to me, although not for the reasons the general claims.  

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